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Womens thermal LS

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Detaljerad information

Detaljerad information

60 % bomull
40 % polyester
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Womens thermal l/s is an Athlete Core Item.
It´s a product developed in close collaboration with a few of our most experienced Better Bodies athletes. Better Bodies athletes known to have the best knowledge and feedback on a product like this. In a survey among our most dedicated athletes, the need for a thermal l/s is very strong.

Many female athletes are using the Mens Thermal flex l/s and find it very good and comfortable, but of course the fitting and design needed to be developed from a female perspective -so we did! The large neck opening, raw edges and curved bottom contributes to the great look.

The contrast color neck tape on inside as well as prints and labels give this thermal l/s the cool Better Bodies expression. The fabric used is a breathable thermal with high flexibility. The special fabric structure is demanded by our athletes.

We have used flat flexible seams for best comfort when wearing. Womens thermal l/s can be used as a warm-up sweater at the gym as well as a cool street sweater for dedicated athletes.

Fit: Together with our athletes we have paid extra attention to the fit and created a good shape. The sweater is shaped without being too tight.

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